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Started in 1975 in Ville Platte, Louisiana, Kary’s Roux is a traditional dark cajun roux made from flour and oil, cooked slowly until it is the perfect color. Cajun style sauce, Pig Stand Bar-B-Q Sauce made its appearance in 1953. It tastes so good you can eat it on bread or use it as a dipping sauce!



Meatball Stew

Ingredients: 5 oz. of Kary’s Dark Roux (Approximately 1/3 of the jar) 1 ½ quarts water 2 medium red potatoes (peeled and cubed) 1 lb. ground beef 1 lb. ground pork 1 cup diced bell peppers 2 cups diced onion 1 tbsp. Kary’s Roux Seasoning Prep: On a small dish, take 5 oz. of Kary’s Dark Roux and using a fork break apart the roux into small pieces to make it easy to dissolve. (Tip: Pour out the oil from the jar before taking any of the roux out of the jar.) In a small bowl, blend together the onions and bell peppers for the meatballs. Meatballs: In a bowl, mix together the beef, pork, 1 cup of onion and bell pepper mixture, and Kary’s Roux Seasoning. Once everything is mixed together, create golf ball sized meatballs and set aside to. Directions: In an 8-quart pot, bring 1 ½ quarts of water to a boil. Add the roux, stirring occasionally until the roux has completely dissolved into the water. (Tip: Once your roux has dissolved, you want your roux and water mixture to be a little thinner than you want your end product to be.) Once you have the roux…

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