Queen Bee All Purpose Seasoning


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Queen Bee All Purpose Seasoning is the original recipe from Archange Lafleur’s Pig Stand Restaurant. Queen Bee has NO MSG, and contains less sodium than most national brands. (8 oz.)

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  1. marshadonaldson@gmail.com

    I love Queen Bee! I use it in everything from eggs to seasoning my neighborhood famous fried chicken. I really haven’t found anything that doesn’t need a dash of Queen Bee! I love that there is no MSG and while it’s not certified gluten free, I am gluten intolerant and have had no issues with it. Sadly, when I moved to Sourh Florida it was no where to be found. I’m really glad I can order this online so I can show my Florida friends what good Cajun seasoning tastes like on their bland foods 🙂

  2. bsfwoods@aol.com

    I saw the pink packaging and loved the name “Queen Bee” so I put it in the cart. I used it for everything, from breakfast to seafood, so am ordering one for everyone in my family, all good cooks!! Thank you for your imagination in developing such a fine product.

  3. (verified owner)

    Queen Bee is the absolute BEST!! My husband is from Mississippi. We now live in Montana and have a very limited access to anything but the “standard” spices. A friend of my husbands came to visit from Shreveport and brought us several spices. Queen Bee is my favorite!! Thank you SO much for making it available online!!!

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