Kary’s “No Fat” Dry Roux


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Kary’s “No Fat” Dry Roux is flour browned without oil; therefore, it contains NO SODIUM and is a FAT FREE product. It is a healthy alternative to using a basic roux. (8 oz.)

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  1. lonis.curol@gmail.com

    For years, I made my roux by browning flour in oil sometimes creating a burnt tasting roux. The dry roux is the way to go. The Kary’s “No Fat” Dry Roux (lighter color) is my favorite. I have been using it for several years. I follow the gumbo recipe on the label. I do add more dry roux than suggested .. personal preference. With added water, the roux immediately turns a dark brown. I am from Louisiana and know how an authentic gumbo should taste. I also use the roux to make a quick gravy for other dishes. Using Kary’s Roux is by the far the easiest, fastest and best tasting way to make gumbo.

  2. scaskey1@yahoo.com

    I have used this product before. I can’t find it where I live. I Love this Roux.

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