Kary’s Gumbo Mix


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Kary's Gumbo Mix is a true Cajun style gumbo mix that contains all that you need to make an authentic Cajun gumbo. Unlike the competitor's gumbo mixes, Kary's Gumbo Mix does not contain caramel coloring. It's dark color and rich taste come from its main ingredient: Kary's “No Fat” Dry Roux. The package comes seasoned and allows you to make a gumbo or Cajun stew (fricassee) by just adding your choice of seafood or meat, and water. (5 oz.)

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  1. gwpercle@cox.net

    Even though I am Cajun by birth, know how to make a roux and can make pretty good gumbo from scratch, Kary’s Gumbo Mix makes a great tasting gumbo in a lot less time. Cooking a good gumbo from scratch usually takes several hours. Kary’s cuts that down to one hour and taste’s just as good, if not a bit better, Than what I make from scratch. His seasonings are right on, something that is hit or miss with my from scratch gumbo.
    You will be hard pressed to make , or buy in a restaurant, a better tasting bowl of gumbo.
    The one thing I do different from the directions is add okra, I like okra !
    I give it a 10.
    Baton Rouge, La.

  2. photosbyjphillips@gmail.com

    My friend’s mom, who is an excellent cook, recommended Kary’s to me. I’m pretty handy in the kitchen and can make a gumbo from scratch, but this helps me get the job down faster with excellent results.

    If you can boil water and brown chicken, even the most novice cook can enjoy a gumbo your friends will brag about.

  3. ldariussossaman@gmail.com

    I love to cook, but have never madtered the art if making a good roux. Kerry’s nailed it. I add my own fresh ingredients and viola, I have a restaurant quality gumbo that does not overpower. It’s simple and oh so delicious.

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